Reviews and Reccomendations

Linda G –

My headshot session with Steve was delightful and he put me right at ease from the moment I walked into his studio. His easy-going manner and his incredible skills are a winning combination. I’m not only thrilled with the photos, but I believe (and everyone who knows me agrees) he really captured the essence of who I am.

Thank you, Steve!

Kathy G 

I can’t recommend Steve Reisch Photography enough. I was needing a book cover for my book, Drug Tested for Being Happy, and Steve knew what to do. If you need a head shot, and I have had many, you will not find anyone as qualified as he is. I have had so many compliments on the book cover that I can’t keep count. I came into the photo session thinking I new what would look best. Steve convinced me that he had some other ideas. He did the photo shoot my way and his way. He was more than right!!!  If you want to see his work, go to to books and type in the name of my book and see his fabulous work. He also did the photos for my website. He can photograph anything!  You should see his landscape photography. WOW!!!  Book your photo needs with him. You will not be disappointed. I’ll be back for my next book cover!!


Teddy L.

Steve, is a Fun, Comedic, Talented Photographer!! That brings all your Characters out of your Eyes!!  A Wise Casting Director once said, they often cover the top and bottom of headshots, and Look for the Eyes to Speak! And Steve makes that happen!! Thanks so Much, Steve, You’re the Best !!

Maureen C.

I had a great headshot session with Steve. Fun shoot, great guy,

totally relaxed experience fair price and I LOVE my new photos!

John M.

Steve is the BEST photographer I have ever seen! His cool calm demeanor makes you feel right at home . I would definitely recommend ANYBODY who is looking for a professional photographer forget the rest Steve is the BEST !!!!!


Eric L


I have known Steve Reisch for many years, and he has been my photographer for many years. He has always been very professional and has taken great and amazing photos of my family when my kids were small, and later in life, and also has taken many of my professional photos for me for my real estate career. Steve makes it fun and easy at his photo sessions, and he knows how to get people to relax and to look their best. I highly recommend Steve Reisch- you’ll be pleased that you put your trust in him.


Chad W.

Steve was so professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and fun! I really had a great headshot experience with him. Most important, I felt comfortable the whole time, and walked away with some really excellent shots that I feel confident with!

HIGHLY recommend him.


Joelle M


Steve is incredible. He is super easy to work with, he makes the process extremely enjoyable, his rates are reasonable, he is responsive, professional AND the best part — He takes amazing photos! Hire him — you will be glad you did!

Betsy H.

Steve Reisch is a fantastic photographer. Steve immediately put me at ease. He is extremely thorough and has a fabulous eye!! He captured my essence, my look — and took beautiful photographs during our photo session. He got to know me, and once he did, he photographed me in different looks so that I, a character actress, could achieve getting some great, diverse, interesting head shots. I HIGHLY recommend Steve Reisch! You will have the BEST time working with him and come out of the session with an amazing amount of wonderful choices!!!

Michael A.


I was so pleased with my experience with Steve getting a professional photo for my business profile that I joined YELP just to write this review. I was nervous on my way there and then glad to meet Steve and his lovely wife in their nice home where Steve has a pro studio. Steve asked me to bring a few outfits so we would have options to choose from, and he actually coached me — as I know very little about clothing, style, and taking pictures in general– as he photographed so we could get the right shot.

He really cares about what he’s doing, and it shows in his manner and his technique. The final photo we decided on was perfect for my business profile. I’ll be working with Steve again and sending colleagues his way.



Felissa K

Taking a head shot for my book bio section I didn’t know what to expect.
Steve put me at ease , it was a fun session and I was able to be natural and real .

The photos where better than I could of expected!

Steve photo shopped the ones I picked out and I was so excited by how beautiful they looked!

Steve is a master at this, and at capturing your true essence.

I’m so thrilled and I know my editor of my book was very happy too!

I highly recommend Steve Reisch!


Natalie A

Steve was one of my best decisions in wedding planning. Wedding was 3/21/14

I’ll start with the initial meeting- he was very nice and professional. The hotel recommended him to us. For the first meeting We met at his house and talked about our wedding planning and packages. At this meeting he got a feel for our personalities and got a feel of the style we were looking for. We then scheduled an engagement session. We really wanted to do the photos at Manhattan Beach where my husband proposed and he was all for it. The pictures were amazing! He worked well with putting his ideas and our ideas  together we had an amazing time. The photos WERE AMAZING. They came back very quickly and we were able to use them for holiday cards 🙂

Day of the wedding- Steve was the bomb! I actually felt like I under paid him because he was so good! He arrived before the time he stated, he gave himself time to pick out a perfect location for family photos and he was very good at keeping the family organized. A few days before the wedding I decided to not do “first look” photos and he was all for it. He made sure everything worked out perfectly for both the bride and groom.

Reception- At the reception he was every where. My family kept commenting about how good he was and how professional he was. His assistant Jeremy was the best too! be careful though- all the single ladies love him lol.

If you want a photographer with a plan, decades of experience, professional, timely, easy to get along with, and that has a reasonable price- Steve is your guy!

did our wedding 3 1/2 years ago and brought a very competent assistant.  It was almost overwhelming to put together my album because there were so many great pictures.
Fast forward 3 years and after much procrastination and looking through our photos, I was finally ready to put together my album.  Steve was incredibly patient and helpful during the process.  He told me a number of the photos I picked were not the best photos, pointed out certain types of photos that I was missing (my husband and his dad, group bridal party) and helped me pick photos.  I picked up my album the other day and nearly cried looking through it.   It so perfectly captures our wedding day and is absolutely beautiful.  I’ve looked through it a number of times since then and am blown away every time.

We will definitely use Steve for life’s important events going forward (babies, etc.). I would not trust our precious memories with anyone else!


Elizabeth G.

Steve was a fantastic photographer for our wedding! We met with him twice before hand and planned everything from thousands miles away in Hawaii. Steve has been in his field for many years and his confidence and professionalism put a couple at ease knowing their wedding photography is in capable hands.

He had a lot of great ideas and convinced us to do a first look before the ceremony. This way most of our photos could be done before the festivities took place. In hindsight this had to be one of the best decisions we made for our special day. Everyone was free to enjoy themselves as soon as the ceremony ended! My groom and I shot a couple more photos in the afternoon light and were then free to enjoy the party ourselves!

Once the party started, Steve and his assistant were everywhere! I have no doubt they caught some pretty great action shots. I cannot wait to see the professional photos in a couple of weeks. Steve even did well with fending off some “over-excited” family members that kept trying to interfere with our professional photos.

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for more. Steve was funny, making everyone giggle during photos and catching some true smiles. He was also knowledgeable of the venue (Mountain Gate Country Club) and knew exactly where to pose us for some beautiful shots.


David R


As a freelance photographer, choosing a photographer to hire for my wedding was the hardest job I had in the whole wedding planning process. It was also the most fun – but as a consumer who knew what he wanted, how he wanted it, and WHY he wanted it, choosing the right artist for a destination wedding 500 miles from home was a very difficult task.

Steve Reisch was the right artist. Steve’s portfolio speaks for itself. Thus, instead of telling you how great our photos came out I will focus this review on Steve’s process, what he did differently, and why I would hire him again.

As I’m a big believer in first impressions – I typed out a detailed request for proposal with a number of specific questions and emailed it to 12 photographers simultaneously. Steve was the first to respond – and was the only one to respond on the same day. He answered every single question I asked, and also sent me some questions of his own. To compare him to his competition, only 3 others answered my questions, 5 sent a short response asking me to call them without providing any information, and 3 never responded.

Steve and I set up a phone interview the next day. We had a great conversation about photography, how he works, and my upcoming wedding. The thing I remember most clearly from that conversation was his advice to “Hire someone you like. You’re going to be around them a lot on a very emotional day and if you think they’re a jerk, you’re not going to smile in your own wedding photos.”

It took almost 6 weeks from the time I sent out the original RFPs until I made a decision. Steve was patient but persistent throughout this process, which I respected tremendously. Other photographers basically said “You’ve heard my pitch, let me know if you want to hire me.” Steve would check in with me by email every so often to see if I had any additional questions, or find out if maybe I wanted to amend his standard package to better fit my needs.

After we hired Steve, he invited us out to his studio to meet, discuss details further, and do our engagement photos. I knew at this point that Steve was the man. My fiancé (now wife) is very difficult to photograph, as she hates having her photo taken. Steve got her to light up in a way I seldom see. He made her laugh, he made us both laugh and this really showed in the photos. He went through a timeline of events for the day of the wedding and made a special point to get names of important family members and draw out a little family tree to remember who goes where. (Both of our parents are divorce, and both are re-married. Drawing a family tree may seem silly, but when the difference between mom and step-mom is the difference between an awkward afternoon and a good one, it’s really important.)

Near the conclusion of our meeting Steve told me he had one additional idea to discuss: specifically, the location of our family portraits. He shared with me that the venue we had selected for our wedding was a very difficult place to shoot portraits, and that he thought we should shoot the portraits in a park near our venue instead. As our wedding was to be held on a yacht, and because the yacht company had recommended Steve, I decided to take his word for it. This recommendation turned out to be worth the entire fee we paid Steve. The weather on our wedding day was terrible. If we had taken the portraits on the boat itself, the background would have been the same in every single shot: thick, white fog. But because of Steve’s intuition, we have portrait photos shot with beautiful trees, boats in the background, green grass, and big happy smiles.

The fog wasn’t just a factor for portraits though, it made shooting conditions difficult for the entire ceremony as well. Steve was faced with the challenge of shooting a bride in her white dress, with white foggy windows in the background, and white tablecloths in the foreground. For non-photographers out there, this combination of factors is difficult because a camera’s light meter and auto focus mechanisms both rely on contrast to figure out what they’re shooting. If everything looks the same, cameras start to get confused.

In the battle of Steve Reisch versus The Fog, Steve Reisch won with a first-round knockout. I don’t know how he did it, but I will tell you this. Given that my biggest concern when choosing a photographer was that I didn’t want to pay someone a bunch of money to something I could have done myself – Steve took photos that I truly wouldn’t have been able to take. He took great photos in challenging lighting and truly captured the fun, excitement and love of our big day. He is a master craftsman. He is easy to communicate with. He was on time for everything. He was neither the least or most expensive photographer of the 12 we spoke to – but he was worth way more than we paid him.

Steve – from Jeannette and myself – please accept my thanks and gratitude for your excellent work. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Pam E

My family has been using Steve Reisch Photography for many years now. Steve has taken head shots of everyone in the family, (they are all actors) Filmed my sons rock band, photographed my sons wedding, taken Xmas family portraits and never has he disappointed. He is the best wedding photographer I know. He makes sure all the important pictures are taken and then is great at fun, hip, creative pictures.

His price is always fair and competitive. He’s fun, professional and honest. A wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions of your wedding planning. I would highly recommend him for any type of pictures you might need.

When I look around my house 90% of my framed pictures are ones that Steve took.


Jenny A.

I hired Steve for a family baby shower I hosted. Extremely professional!  I’m am very happy with his work!  He will now be our go to photographer for family events!


Courtney M


Steve is an amazing wedding photographer in every respect. He is friendly, professional, great personality and his pictures are BEAUTIFUL!  Steve did our wedding 3 1/2 years ago and brought a very competent assistant.  It was almost overwhelming to put together my album because there were so many great pictures.

Fast forward 3 years and after much procrastination and looking through our photos, I was finally ready to put together my album.  Steve was incredibly patient and helpful during the process.  He told me a number of the photos I picked were not the best photos, pointed out certain types of photos that I was missing (my husband and his dad, group bridal party) and helped me pick photos.  I picked up my album the other day and nearly cried looking through it.   It so perfectly captures our wedding day and is absolutely beautiful.  I’ve looked through it a number of times since then and am blown away every time.

We will definitely use Steve for life’s important events going forward (babies, etc.). I would not trust our precious memories with anyone else!


Brooke R,


I would say that picking the right wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you make for your special day. The day goes by in a blink of an eye. I am so thankful that I have stunning photos from Steve Reisch Photography.

Steve is easy to work with and made us feel at ease during both the wedding planning process and the day of the wedding.   He is professional, friendly (our guests loved him) and able to wrangle everyone together the capture the perfect shots.

I can’t say enough amazing things about our wedding photos.  Steve Reisch captured everything special about the day.  Each set up was more beautiful then the next and I would call him a master at capturing true emotion.

I would recommend Steve Reisch Photography to anyone and I look forward to using him in the future for family photos.

Tina K

We went through many photographers before we found Steve Reisch to be our wedding photographer!  It was the best decision.  He is very honest, creative and easy to work with.  Weddings are a stressful time, but he made the photography piece very easy.  We asked for candid photos, traditional family photos, wedding setup photos.  We got everything we asked for and more.  The quality of his work is stellar.  The leather albums are amazing.

He is an amazing photographer not just for weddings, but for other photos as well.  Last year we asked him to take photos of our newfoundland puppy and the pictures came out absolutely amazing!


Griffin B

A friend referred me to Steve Reisch for my fiance and I’s engagement photos. We were extremely pleased with the results.  Steve is very enjoyable to work with. We are definitely going to use Steve for our wedding photos and would highly recommend him to our friends!


Shani Y.

Steve is an amazing photographer and person. I hired him for my wedding and he did an incredible job. He is such a professional and an artist. He puts all his emotion into his photos and it’s really amazing. He is so kind and very very responsible. He’s also so easy and comfortable to work with. I highly recommend him. I’m sure anyone who hires him will feel exactly how I feel about him.

Wendy S


Finding the right photographer can make or break your Wedding memories.  Steve is amazing.  I look at the photo’s he took and can’t believe what I look like.  He made me look like a princess in every shot.  My husband. our friends and family came out amazing as well.  The book he created is top notch.  Not like anything we saw at any other photographer.  He knows his stuff. I was so thrilled with his work I just had him photpgraph another family event.  Your in great hands with Steve!


Jerimaih C

As an acting teacher I have recommended many of my students to shoot their photos with Steve.

Whenever he does portraits and head shots he engages his subjects in a way that they are reacting naturally, which allows them to have a spontaneous and unposed feel to the photos. If you are trying to work as an actor you need your pictures done professionally not by your friends. As an actor your pictures are the tool that represents you to agents and casting directors.  Steve knows the business. He will get you a professional picture that will get results and lead to auditions and JOBS.


Hallie F.

We have used Steve Reisch to photograph our family’s life events for several years.  He shot beautiful pictures of our house and helped us stage it when we put it up for sale posting his pics in the sales brochure and on line.  Steve photographed our son’s Bar Mitzvah last summer shooting amazing photos of the rehearsal, the service and the party.  He took gorgeous portraits of us all and made an amazing book for us to cherish.  We highly recommend Steve Reisch photography to everyone.  His prices are reasonable, he is creative, professional, intuitive, versatile, hard working and personable!  Our guests were impressed with his friendly and funny style.  We were thrilled with his work!



Tom N

My Wife & I have known Steve for 18 years, ever since he was recomended for our Wedding.  We retained him for our Wedding, and there are simply no words to describe what we got.  We became friends, and have been in touch ever since.  I just had my 50th. birthday, and it was natural to have Steve as our guest and Photographer.  I could go on forever, let me end by saying this, when shopping for a Photographer, for any important event, don’t make a mistake by not includeing Steve in your short list of candidates, you won’t be sorry.