Cassavetes – 4

So which of his own films was he proudest of? “When he was ill, we were talking one day and he said: ‘Well, I made three pictures I would live or die for.’ Now wouldn’t you think that I would say: ‘Which pictures were those, John?’ But I felt I knew. Now I don’t know and I can’t say for certain because I don’t want to speak for John.” She hopes that A Woman Under the Influence was one and suspects that Faces and his first, Shadows, may have been the others. Their last film together was Love Streams in 1984: “Jon Voight was supposed to do it but at the last minute he couldn’t – one of those commitment things – and John said: ‘Oh, hell, I’ll do it.’ I’m so glad that he did, not that I don’t love Jon Voight, but because that was our last picture together.”